Director: Stefan Eriksson

Hello. I'm the man running this project that is close to a one man band really. Only one one man except myself is doing stuff to this film (He'll get his own presentation square here if he's intrested).

Anyway. I'm the writer, producer, director and animator of this short film and this production has been on me since early 2006 when I studied at one of two animation schools in Sweden.

I'm a caucasian male turning 27 this summer ('09) and i'm quite happy with it. I have worked at the animation school since my studies were finished in 2007 and it has been a daily reminder seeing all stundents work at their films, that my own is sitting in the drawers waiting to get done.

So early this year ('09) I decided to finish it, setting the timer to about one year, knowing I had to do almost the entire film (roughly 4 mins.). Due to diffrent reasons I didn't do any seconds worth of animation under my project year at the school so starting now is like beginning from scratch. One thing I did though was to make concept art for almost all parts of the movie, and that helps alot now when production has started.

I have studied illustration and comic creating and works mostly with web production although i draw comics and do illustrations once in a while.

Anything else you want to know? Contact me.

     Phone: +46 (0)705 159 446 (Sweden)