What's and Why's of "Clockwork"

What is this movie about? On the surface it's about the traditional watchmaker trying to live his life as he always done, with a almost religious view on watches, clocks and time itself. But if you try to look through it, maybe you will begin to see a story about the modern world slowly turning it's back against traditional handicrafts and the people still doing it and knowing it.

The reason i'm doing this is that I feel that animation is and has been the subject for this quite a long time now with computers taking over slowly almost every old animation department. Not that this film will affect anything not even remotely about this matter, but it's still very important for me, Stefan, the writer, director and producer of it all.

So, how do you do traditional animation today without computers some may ask? You don't, is the simple answer. Naturally there's the dream of doing a traditional drawn animated film completely on handpainted cels like they did back in the days, but the time and money isn't there, and I don't really see the point.

I love the computer as a tool that can sometimes enhance my drawings and sometimes help me out when a painting has the wrong colours for instance. One thing is certain though: I don't like when stuff looks computer generated and one of my goals with this film is to use computers but to get the feel of good 'ol handpainted cel or something. Keepin' the lines a bit rough is one part of it, and the most important bit - the handpainted backgrounds.

So this about that for now. I won't be focusing at all on this part of the site, because this is after all a Production Diary. It's been a pleasure having you reading all way down though. Over and out.


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