Brand new character design!

After going back and forth I finally made up my mind and actually going back to one design. Much has happened since the design submitted in this blog a couple of years ago, but basically this one is easier to animate and has a bit more of my contemporary style of drawing in it.

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Production back on track!

I can't believe that I'm writing in this diary again. I have got hold of an awardwinning animator who will help me get this project closer to completion via an internship. When is really not the most important question right now, but we'll start as soon as possible. More updates to come.

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Finally I'm working again!

Last night I started the production on this short again! It was an easy scene, but still a scene..

If you're the least instrested in this project, it's time to start watching this site again, for there will be updates!


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Color Boards

Today I made some fast color storyboards for the whole movie. Here's some of the panels.

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New Year, New Strength?

With 2007 rolling in, my wish to work harder was proving to be quite tough to follow through.

My temporary plan was to make a test scene that I could actually use in some way in the finished movie. Just to get started (with 4 months to deadline).

The result was a bit disappointing.

Let me explain why. The purpose of this scene is to give the feel of a space crowded with different cogs and wheels, but these three took me weeks to animate. Then all the inking and painting upon that. Next mistake was that these cogs should all be a bit wobbly due to the nature of the scene.

Anyway. It was a start.

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Various Background Layouts

This month I made some various background layouts for a bunch of scenes.

Exterior: The storefront.

Interior: The shop.

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Finding The Look

One part of this project was really important for me - the look and feel of the image on screen. In school we where using this program called Animo, a great program if you have the right knowledge about it (people here tend to hate it) and worldwide released movies like The Iron Giant among others used this software.

The problem with it is that it's pretty much required to have a solid line on your artwork (to make painting much easier) and that was something I definitely didn't want.

All spring I had been trying out different sollutions and time had come to try the best one out.

To start with I had to draw the lineart on a different piece of paper.

Next all the areas for the different colours (here already colored).

Above is the composit of the two layers. All that extra work just to create the loose and creative look I wanted. The 'Unstiff Look' I call it.

Here is the final result with even more layers, like background and different typs of overlays (to create an old look maybe). Not sure how the actual movie is going to look though.

Also the final film is going to have shadows to create an even more sophisticated and realistic look.

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Year two - the Project Year started with intensity when two great script guys came to the school to help us get our words right. They had written for swedish tv-shows, animated movies and children's shows.

After the script was done (it took some rewriting) I started storyboard the stuff.

This is the first page of the first version, and it was maybe to small and maybe a bit overworked to fill it's purpose.

When I did a second version I went loco with details and that didn't work out this time either.

When I tried to redo the third time I started to realize that because of the size and the fact that the panels where next to each other when I drew them, my background as a comic artist influenced me unconsciously and I thought too much of layout rather than every image alone (as in a movie).

After that I drew every panel on a separate piece of paper and finally completed the storyboard...

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Character Designs and Concepts

In June 2006 when year one in Animation School was over I began to draw everything I could come up with based on my idea.

These drawings below are based on the early character design made for the SFX scene mentioned earlier.

The look of the character here was somewhat inspired by 1920's animation characters but it soon felt a bit unnatural and the sympathy for the character wasn't really there.

This is my first concept art in color for this project. It's the clock tower of the village, and it has a significant meaning to the film, and was therefore important to nail.

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First Test Scene

We had an SFX animation assignment, and I decided early on that I wanted to use my new character, just to get used to draw him. This was the second moving thing I made with my character and it turned out pretty nice, even though it was never finished. The first one was a brief lip-sync exercise, but that was only made very roughly.

First step of designing a scene is the layout. In this sketch I explored diffrent views and various angles.

Next up is making tiny thumbnail sketches just to get a sense of the movement in the scene. Here is also the final layout.

Above are some deleted drawings from the animation, that I think were too good to throw away.

Last but not least, this background sketch.

The action in this scene was that a spark went into the characters beard, set in on fire (effect 1) whereupon he finds and throws a glass of water (effect 2) on himself.

I have the actual fire & water animation somewhere, so keep an eye in the Galleries section of this site. There I'll be posting videos, stills and stuff that may be of some interest.

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